Career Step provides quality career training programs and continuing education for job opportunities in healthcare, administrative services, and technology. The career training programs are delivered online, enabling individuals to pursue self-paced learning in their area of interest, and Career Step also provides a number of learner and career support resources to ensure learners are successful.


  • Medical Coding and Billing

    Prepares you for the growing field of healthcare reimbursement—employment is expected to grow by 22%—by giving you the skills needed to earn industry credentials and start a rewarding career as a medical coder.

  • Medical Transcription and Editing

    Offers the opportunity for a real work-at-home career in a field where employers regularly ask Career Step for more people to fill their entry-level positions.

  • Pharmacy Technician

    Helps you develop the pharmacy and customer service skills needed to pursue one of over 70,700 new jobs expected in this field by 2022.

  • Medical Billing

    Helps you quickly develop the specialized skills needed to manage the healthcare reimbursement process and prepares you for a field with expected job growth of 22%.


  • Medial Administrative Assistant with EHR

    Prepares you to meet healthcare’s need for EHR-trained administrative professionals in a field expected to add 189,200 new jobs nationwide by 2022.

  • Executive Assistant

    Helps you develop the software and management skills you need to prepare for a successful career in this field, which is expected to generate over 479,000 new jobs by 2022.

  • Medical Office Manager

    Finish with a broad education in medical office administration and medical billing—a great way to start your medical office management career. The course will prepare you to earn the CMAA and CEHRS credentials from the National Healthcareer Association.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Prepares you to secure a job in the rapidly growing pet care industry. Gain the skills needed to manage the administration of a veterinary office and assist in basic animal care.

  • Veterinary Office Manager

    Prepares you to secure a job in the rapidly growing pet or health care industry. You’ll finish with the skills to work as a veterinary assistant or as a medical administration assistant in any number of facilities.


  • Computer Technician

    Helps you gain the skills you need to earn CompTIA A+ certification and work in a technology field that’s expected to grow by more than 123,000 new jobs by 2022.

  • Healthcare IT

    Gain the skills you need to work at the crossroads of the growing healthcare and technology industries. With this training you’ll be prepared to earn the CompTIA A+ certification as well as the CEHRS and CMAA credentials from the National Healthcareer Association.